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I Trusted My Boyfriend With My Hair & This Is What He Did To It
"Just don't make it so knotty that I have to cut my hair, I have a party to go to on Saturday." Those were the final and only words of wisdom I gave to my lovely boyfriend Joe before he disheveled my hair for two hours...
Half & Half Hair Color Ideas That Will Make You Want to Reach For the Hair Dye Stat
Half and half hair is hot news right about now. Yep, Cruella de Vil's usually inspiring our freakum fancy dress but now she is fast becoming a humble hair icon too. Girls everywhere are upstaging the...
Bored With Your Ringlets? Here's How To Style Naturally Curly Hair
Any curly haired gal would know that coloring and cutting ringlets is not easy. We adore our curls but we’ll never pass up the chance for a sleek new do’. But while all the poker straight girls get their manes chopped to perfection us curly haired folk can't even tame our own god-given tresses...
50 Grey Hair Looks And An Easy Tutorial That Will Have You Dying Your Hair Pronto
Remember when your mom freaked out that she got her first grey hair? Well, who knew the time would come where grey hair wasn't just feared, it was celebrated. Beauty bloggers, A-listers and even your grandma are embracing the snow on the rooftop look...
50 Perfect Ponytail Ideas From Pinterest and Beyond!
If you're tired of the same old boring ponytail, we hear ya! It's why we searched far and wide to bring you the latest and best looks to update the classic 'do. We mean, really, who has time for limp and dull hair? Do yourself a favor and grab a scrunchie, a brush, some pins, and hairspray...
50 Grey Hair Looks That Will Have You Dying Your Hair Pronto
50 Grey Hair Looks That Will Have You Dying Your Hair Pronto
100 Vintage Hairstyles That Are Still Chic Today
There are few things more glamorous than the screen sirens of old Hollywood and the first supermodels of our time. Not only did they hit the gene pool lottery, they gave us some of the most famous hairstyles that we still wear today...
100 Vintage Hairstyles That Are Still Chic
100 Vintage Hairstyles That Are Still Chic
How To Style Box Braids: 50 Stunning Ideas From Pinterest
You've endured the time and the pain of getting your hair braided. You've got over the first week of stiffness. Now, the second week in, you've run out of hair styles and are bored of your braids. Before you think about taking them out, here are 50 stunning ways to style box braids...
How to Dye Your Hair Blonde A La Kim Kardashian
Ever since Kim Kardashian made her Draco Malfoy debut everyone is talking about going blonde. But lightening your locks is a 'round-the-clock job. There's the regrowth, the color maintenance, trying to stop those brassy yellow tones from creeping through; not to mention how damaging it can be...
From Suki Waterhouse's Coke To Mayo: 10 Mad Things You Can Rinse Your Hair With
Model Suki Waterhouse is a stunning girl with amazing hair, so when she revealed that she washes her hair with Coke, yep that's right Coca Cola, we were all ears. Apparently the fizzy drink gives her hair the tousled, carefree look that we have spent our lives trying to achieve...
What Is Balayage? The Hair Color Trend You're About To Go Crazy For
Forget ombre, balayage is the hair color trend you need to try this season. It gives sun-kissed natural looking hair that’s perfect for the summer months. But before you book your hair appointment, here’s what you need to know about balayage - from what it is, how it works and how to nail the look...
10 Hairstyle Ideas To Give Your Look A Spring Clean
Spring has sprung, well kinda, and it’s time for a new look. Inspired by the catwalk and celebrities alike, we put together 10 hairstyle trends that you have to try this season.
52 Celebrity Bob Haircut Pics That Make Us Want to Chop Our Hair
In 2015, less is more when it comes to hair. Celebs are chopping off their long locks left and right; giving way to a fresh new 'do: the bob. But it's not just any old bob. The latest iteration of the classic style comes with waves, curls, and an unkempt finish...
13 Things Girls with Afros Are Sick Of Hearing
Dear non black people, It’s really not that complicated, it’s just hair, it grows on our heads just like yours. Yes it’s big and curly and freaking fierce, but it’s not as foreign as you think it is! So please, stop saying these things...
#HairPorn: The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow For Natural Hair Inspiration
FYI: natural hair isn't merely a 'do, it's a full-blown lifestyle. Whether it's a curly crown, halo 'fro, or Senegalese twists, you can always spot a naturalista making a look her own. It's what makes them so downright awesome...
Golden Globes 2015 - Hair & Beauty
Golden Globes 2015 - Hair & Beauty
The Undone Bun: The Hairstyle To Master This Season
It's finally party season and we're more than ready to start the hunt for the perfect new dress and get experimental with our style. No other season gives you full reign to master a new makeup look or hairstyle and one we've been dying to perfect is the Undone Bun...
How To Have Healthy Hair: The Golden Rules Every Girl Needs To Master
So your glorious head of summer highlights is nothing but a vague Instagram memory and now you’re left to deal with static, frizzy, winter locks. It sucks doesn't it? Not anymore – here’s a flurry of golden rules to keep your hair happy and healthy all year long...
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