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Skinspiration: Stars with flawless skin
Skinspiration: Stars with flawless skin
Celebrity beauty secrets: A-list scoop
Celebrity beauty secrets: A-list scoop
Couples' Tattoos: Cute or Cringeworthy?
Couples' tattoos, what's the verdict? We're not talking your bae's initials, hell no, that's never been cute. This is more like ying and yang and matching wishbone kinda inking. Not convinced? Here's the matching couples' tattoos to inspire your declarations of sweet sweet love and affection...
From Skin Smoothing Glycolic Acid To Acne Busting Salicylic Acid! 10 Of The Best Acid Exfoliators
Ever wondered if there was a product that could give you everything you need in one single bottle? Well, there is. Exfoliators are THE miracle product. From unclogging pores, brightening skin, fighting spots and giving you instantly younger skin...
50 Beautiful Girls With Freckles
There's something about having freckles that makes a girl so beautiful and almost magical. I mean just look at Gisele Bundchen and Emma Watson... Do I need to go on? Freckled beauties have us reaching for brown eyeliner so we can fake it...
Would You Try The 5:2 Diet For Your Face? Here's Everything You Need to Know
In a selfie obsessed world, it's hard for a lot of women to imagine braving society without a lick of makeup on. But what if we told you that your skin can greatly benefit from a break? By deciding not to slather on a ton of chemical products, it does you a world of good...
Wash Up! How to Clean Your Face Like A Pro
You'd think that washing your face isn't rocket science, right? I mean, since you were a child you were taught this basic fundamental of hygiene. But what if you were told you were doing it all wrong...
20 OMG Uses For Tea Tree Oil!
The coconut ain't gonna like what it's about to hear but for the good of all womankind it's totally necessary. There's another essential oil and we're just a little bit in love with it, especially when it comes to drying out pimples and curing morning breath (straight up!)...
Japanese Beauty Secrets & Products: Get Beautiful Skin The Eastern Way
The Japanese are known for their ageless, porcelain skin and beautiful thick hair so whatever they’re doing, they’re doing it good and we need to know about it. Stat. Here’s the Japanese beauty secrets & products that will change your skin forever...
Beauty Detox: The Pre-Christmas Party Cleanse
Pancakes and champagne breakfasts are all well and good, but the effect they have on our skin? Not so desirable. Come party season us girls need all the help we can get to make sure we’re looking nothing short of sparkling...
As If Lupita Nyong'o Couldn't Be Any More Loveable, She Gets Candid On Her Dark Skin
Since winning an Academy Award, becoming a fashion icon, and conquering the hearts of just about everybody since making her big break all the way back in 2013, Lupita Nyong'o has yet to take misstep on her journey to Hollywood's golden girl...
The Kim Kardashian PRP Vampire Facial: Is It Really As Scary As It Seems?
We usually have to fight it out between us when it comes to trying the latest beauty inventions. However, it’s fair to say I was alone in my battle to land the PRP Dracula therapy. Apparently needles, blood, and plasma don’t really do it for people, but that wasn’t enough to put me off...
Pantry Pampering! 40 DIY Beauty Tricks You Can Steal From Your Kitchen
With hundreds of prettifying products on the market there's no excuse for neglecting your beauty regime, but sometimes it's the bare necessities that give the best results. Open your cupboards, clear out the fridge and treat your skin to its very own pantry pampering...
Model Transforms Herself With Make-Up To Understand The Effects Of Adult Acne
Acne can have serious effects on a person's self-esteem. Watch this video to understand what acne sufferers might feel on a daily basis!
Ever Wondered What Sun Damage Actually Looks Like? This Video Will Make You FREAK
Most of us freak out about sun damage around this time of year. But this video will make that paranoia go into overdrive! Thomas Leveritt took a camera around New York City to show hapless members of the public what their skin looks like under UV light...
Persistent Breakouts & Red Angry Spots? How To Deal With Every Type Of Pimple
Overwhelmed by the crater on your forehead? We feel for you, girl. Spots, breakouts and acne are problems none of us want, but there are lots of things you can do to keep the blemishes away. Knowing the differences between your spots is key to how to get rid of them...
Need To Know Beach Hacks: How To Look Good In A Bikini
It’s looking a lot like summer out there, which means the bikini countdown is officially on. Gulp. Freaking out? There’s no need. These hacks will have you beach ready in no time. An added perk? They come with an obligation to pamper yourself silly...
How To Get Clear Skin In 7 Easy Steps
It's summer, which means we're trading in our vampy polishes and lipsticks for clear glosses and nude pedis. The sunshine season is all about natural beauty, and what better way to exude yours than with no makeup at all...
Whiter Teeth And Radiant Skin? The Health And Beauty Benefits of Clay
Clay is not just for making pretty pottery. Its external benefits can help clean, brighten, tighten and exfoliate your skin, while internally it helps ward off ailments AND keeps our tummy troubles at bay...
22 Stages Every Girl Goes Through With Fake Tan
If only achieving a golden tan didn't mean smelling like bad sunscreen and messing up your bed sheets. For all the effort it takes out of us, here's the 22 stages every girl goes through when they hit the bottle...
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