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Couples' Tattoos: Cute or Cringeworthy?
Couples' tattoos, what's the verdict? We're not talking your bae's initials, hell no, that's never been cute. This is more like ying and yang and matching wishbone kinda inking. Not convinced? Here's the matching couples' tattoos to inspire your declarations of sweet sweet love and affection...
Forever Young? How to Fake A Facelift And Get A Youthful Glow
While celebrities who, in their mid-forties, look younger than they did in their twenties roam the streets, the pressure is on for the rest of the world to keep up. It gets so serious for some women that they refuse to leave their house without makeup...
I Trusted My Boyfriend With My Hair & This Is What He Did To It
"Just don't make it so knotty that I have to cut my hair, I have a party to go to on Saturday." Those were the final and only words of wisdom I gave to my lovely boyfriend Joe before he disheveled my hair for two hours...
YouTube's 'Madisradd' Brings Us An Exclusive Makeup Tutorial for Spring
YouTube star Madison, 19, better known as "Madisradd," is living out every fashionista and beauty enthusiast's dream. With over 53,000 subscribers and thousands of views on her videos, the college student...
Half & Half Hair Color Ideas That Will Make You Want to Reach For the Hair Dye Stat
Half and half hair is hot news right about now. Yep, Cruella de Vil's usually inspiring our freakum fancy dress but now she is fast becoming a humble hair icon too. Girls everywhere are upstaging the...
What Happens When You Let Your Boyfriend Do Your Makeup...
They’ve seen us get ready a thousand times before, but just how much attention do they actually pay to our hours of prepping, priming (and pouting)? I gave my boyfriend the makeup reins to see how well he really knows my beauty habits...
Bored With Your Ringlets? Here's How To Style Naturally Curly Hair
Any curly haired gal would know that coloring and cutting ringlets is not easy. We adore our curls but we’ll never pass up the chance for a sleek new do’. But while all the poker straight girls get their manes chopped to perfection us curly haired folk can't even tame our own god-given tresses...
30 Of The Best Eau De Parfum Fragrances For Summer
Treat perfumes like your wardrobe and switch it up for the warmer months. From fruity scents to floral aromas, we have sniffed our way around and put together 30 of the best eau de parfum fragrances for the summer...
10 Fragrances That Are Guaranteed to Turn Men On
There's really nothing like the scent of a woman. We'd even go as far as to say that our signature fragrances can become a tiny part of our identity. So naturally we want to make sure the lasting impression we leave on our partners is a good one, especially when it comes to seducing them...
This Artist's Timelapse Videos Of Sharpie Tattoos Will Blow Your Mind
The world of movie makeup totally baffles me, so when I came across artist Jody Steel and her amazing portraits of movie and TV characters, I knew what I would be YouTubing for the remainder of my Friday afternoon...
12 Pictures That Show Kylie Jenner Lips Are SO Not Worth It
It seems Kylie Jenner obsessed teens and fully responsible adults (ahem) will stop at nothing to get bigger lips. They'll even try sucking on a shot glass to get a plumper pout - now there's a sentence I never thought I'd say...
40 Epic Examples of Epic '80s Makeup
Fashion is undoubtedly about finding the next hot thing, but designers and style savants alike can't help but pull inspiration from bygone eras to inform today's looks. One glance at some of your favorite celebs and you can see hints...
50 Grey Hair Looks And An Easy Tutorial That Will Have You Dying Your Hair Pronto
Remember when your mom freaked out that she got her first grey hair? Well, who knew the time would come where grey hair wasn't just feared, it was celebrated. Beauty bloggers, A-listers and even your grandma are embracing the snow on the rooftop look...
12 Things All Makeup Commuters Know to Be True
It's not like we WANT to do our makeup in the car or on the subway, but how are we supposed to sleep in if we also need to put our face on? This is a solution to the problem, but it's not always easy...
50 Perfect Ponytail Ideas From Pinterest and Beyond!
If you're tired of the same old boring ponytail, we hear ya! It's why we searched far and wide to bring you the latest and best looks to update the classic 'do. We mean, really, who has time for limp and dull hair? Do yourself a favor and grab a scrunchie, a brush, some pins, and hairspray...
This Girl Looks Exactly Like Disney Characters After These Amazing Makeup Transformations
YouTube user Dope2111 has a talent, a magical gift if you will. With just a wave of her magic wand (also known as make up brushes), she can transform herself to look like a host of different Disney characters, with each more just as convincing at the last...
50 Grey Hair Looks That Will Have You Dying Your Hair Pronto
50 Grey Hair Looks That Will Have You Dying Your Hair Pronto
From Skin Smoothing Glycolic Acid To Acne Busting Salicylic Acid! 10 Of The Best Acid Exfoliators
Ever wondered if there was a product that could give you everything you need in one single bottle? Well, there is. Exfoliators are THE miracle product. From unclogging pores, brightening skin, fighting spots and giving you instantly younger skin...
How to Grow Your Eyebrows Back After An Over Tweezing Disaster
So many of us have been down this dark path. We think we're doing ourselves a world of good by keeping our eyebrows in check, but fail to notice when we're overdoing it. That is, of course, until it is too late...
100 Vintage Hairstyles That Are Still Chic Today
There are few things more glamorous than the screen sirens of old Hollywood and the first supermodels of our time. Not only did they hit the gene pool lottery, they gave us some of the most famous hairstyles that we still wear today...
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