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The Best Quotes of Dr. Seuss
The Best Quotes of Dr. Seuss
100 Of The Best Parenting Quotes
100 Of The Best Parenting Quotes
50 Of The Truest Ever Quotes About Moms
50 Of The Truest Ever Quotes About Moms
Why You Need To Vaccinate Your Kids: Wewomen Asked Dr. Richard Besser Of ABC News Your Biggest Questions
The heated debate surrounding vaccines during the Disneyland measles debacle may have just started to die down, but concerns over vaccination have not. Arguments for and against have reached fever pitch amongst today's parents...
Father Teaches His Son a Lesson On YouTube, But It's Not What You Think
Wayman Gresham took out an electric razor to shave his son's head, but right before shaving him bald, Gresham embraced him instead. In a video posted to YouTube, that has since gone viral on comedian and actor Mike Epp's Facebook page...
20 Pictures Of Hot Men With Babies That Will Make Your Ovaries Explode
There is just something about men with babies that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Seriously, David Beckham holding baby Harper is enough to make our ovaries cry out loud. And since MILF's seem to get all the love, we thought we should appreciate the DILF's...
This Three Year Old Dresses Up Like Harry Styles And It's The Cutest Thing You'll Ever See
Even if you're not the type of girl that dreams about having kids one day, if you did have kids, you would probably want them to look EXACTLY like Harry Styles. Because nothing is cuter than a British kid with dimples that won't quit and hair that would make Clooney jealous...
Arkansas Couple Dies Protecting Their Daughter From a Twister
Parents often say they would do anything to protect their children. Sometimes that even means putting their own lives at risk to keep their kids out of harm's way. So when a tornado swept through Nashville...
This Dancer Telling His Mom He Booked T Swift's World Tour Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy
Having a bad day? Get ready for it to turn around because you are about to be so happy for this young dancer booking Taylor Swift's world tour that you are going to feel like you can conquer the world...
This Video Shows Why We Should Love Children For Who They Are
French singer HollySiz's latest music video The Light has an important message (as well as being a TUNE). Let's just say after you've watched this, you'll appreciate how important it is to let you're child be themselves, no matter what...
11 Things You Used to Do Before You Had Kids
Children are a parent's pride and joy, but sometimes it's impossible not to think about what life was like before they were born. Remember all the things you used to do before you had kids? From simply relaxing to spending more alone time with your significant other...
7 Reasons Why The Royal Baby Will Love Being The Youngest
Royal Baby number 2 may never become King or Queen, but is that necessarily a bad thing? Here's why we think being born second into the Royal family is the way to go! Well done, little baby...
40 Things Moms Can Expect During the First 6 Months of Parenting
Parenting is no piece of cake. With the baby spit up, sleepless nights and everything between, you might sit there amidst the chaos wondering if the madness will ever end. Bad news: it won't. Good news: The ability to see your baby grow up before your eyes is pretty fantastic...
10 Things Moms Know About Their Children Before Anyone Else
My entire life my mother has always been able to pick up on my emotions better than anyone else. You know the people who ask if you're OK, only for their question to result in you crying like a blubbering fool because no, you are not OK? She's that person...
This Mother And Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Dancing To Beyoncé Is The Ultimate Mother-Daughter Relationship
A mother-daughter relationship is one of the most precious things in the world. So when mother and choreographer Tianne teaches her daughter named Heaven, the cutest child to ever to ever grace the planet Earth, how to absolutely slay it on the dance floor, we basically started ovulating...
20 Must-Try Hairstyles for Little Girls
Through elementary school and most of middle school, my mother always did my hair. Braids and pigtails were her strong suit, but sometimes she even helped me curl my locks by placing them in heat rollers...
These Easter Egg Hunt Clues Will Keep Your Children On Their Toes
Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner. On April 5, children will be searching their yards and knocking each other over just to find the eggs their parents have so carefully hidden. When it comes to candy and free trinkets, children go wild...
15 Things Only Moms Raising Boys Will Truly Understand
Although not all parents have the opportunity to raise a boy, it's safe to say that there's a drastic difference between bringing up a daughter and bringing up a son, with exciting attributes on either side...
10 of the Best Mom Vloggers on YouTube That You Need to Follow
Being a mom isn't easy, whether you're a stay-at-home mother, you work a full-time job (though mom life basically is a full-time job), or both. Basically, we should praise moms everywhere for everything they do for the world...
The 14 Funniest Lies Parents Have Told Their Children
Children often ask the craziest questions that we don't always have the answers to. So it goes without saying that for those tricky ones, many parents fabricate their stories here and there to avoid complicated conversations with their kids...
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