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Texas Woman Delivers Triplets, Two Conjoined In Miracle Pregnancy
Silvia Hernandez and husband Raul Torres were expecting triplets, but what they got was quite the surprise, and an alarming one at that. On Saturday, the Texas couple welcomed three identical baby girls, two of which were conjoined, by cesarean section 33 weeks into Hernandez's pregnancy...
Baby Tries Avocado for the First Time and Her Face Says it All
I haven't met a single person who doesn't like avocado. Guacamole, avocado on toast, avocado with eggs, and avocado smoothies? The possibilities are endless. Yet if my parents had fed avocado to me when I was younger, I probably would've hated it, as would many of you...
Phillies Fan Catches Foul Ball with Baby Strapped to His Chest
While many of us spent Mother's Day with gift-giving and Sunday brunch, Phillies fan Mike Capko spent it at a baseball game with his wife, son, and what might be the craziest foul ball catch of 2015. That is...
The Most Popular Baby Names of 2014 Are Here
Attention to all you future moms and dads out there: The most popular baby names of 2014 are finally here, and you might want to check them out. You know, just in case you need any ideas. The Social Security...
Breastfeeding Twins: How to Do It & Make It Work
Breastfeeding twins can be an overwhelming concept for many twin moms-to-be, but it is totally possible. Ignore all the naysayers who are convinced you won't be able to, with the right guidance and techniques you can successfully learn how to breastfeed twins...
Garden Roots: Floral and Fauna Names For Spring Babies
Spring is in bloom and showering us with an embarrassment of baby name riches. Whether it be blossoms or birch trees that inspire you, here are 25 names for boy and girl sprouts. These names, celebrating flowers and trees alike, provide a beautiful way to honor baby's birth season...
25 Ridiculously Adorable Gender Neutral Outfits For Baby
While Kate Middleton is gearing up to give birth to royal baby number 2 any day now, we thought we'd help her out and do a little window shopping for her latest bundle of joy. Since we're still unsure of the sex of the baby...
10 Reasons Why We Really Want Kate Middleton To Have A Girl
We love George. He is a pudgy, tiny ball of adorableness who we are very excited to see as our one day future King. However, now we have one bouncy Royal baby boy, we think it's time for a little bit of girl power in the Monarchy! Here's why we really want Kate Middleton to have a girl this time...
Hipster Baby Names We're Loving In 2015
Grandma & Grandpa names are back with a vengeance. What's trending right now? Jasper, Felix, and Floyd. That's right: Florence, Mabel, Maude are no longer names affixed to prescriptions for osteoporosis, they're invading the playground...
Prepare to Melt: the 30 Cutest Baby Outfits of All Time
Let's face it: Whether you're already a mom, expecting, or just have random spouts of baby fever, stopping to admire the baby clothes section when you're out shopping is inevitable. Some of the outfits...
30 Cute Ideas for a Unisex Nursery
For many couples, designing the nursery for a newborn is stressful. I mean... I'm pretty positive that paint chip samples are a sensitive subject for parents everywhere, and that's just the beginning of what goes into decorating a nursery...
12 Homemade Baby Food Recipes Every Mom Needs to Know This Instant
Though I haven't had a baby yet, just looking at baby food makes me pretty confident that it's not too appetizing. I'd totally go all in on some fruit mush like apple and banana or apple peach oatmeal...
The Perfect Baby Bath: 10 Tips on How to Bathe a Baby
Want to make sure you're making the most of your baby's bath time? We know how important it is for you and your little one, and not just for the bonding experience but for his or her development too. From toy playing to baby massaging to post bath time cuddles...
Meet The New Gerber Baby!
You may remember an adorable face on all your baby food jars growing up, and that famous little tot happened to be THE Gerber Baby. This well-known face recently got revamped with baby Grace who just won Gerber's Be Our Baby contest...
Elimination Communication: How To Potty Train Your Baby Before They Can Even Talk!
Elimination communication is more than just potty training. It's about strengthening the attachment with your baby by truly understanding and responding to their needs.
Would You Trust An App To Look After Your Baby?
The Sproutling baby monitor is an interesting new device that guarantees to make parenting a lot easier. It doesn't just alert you to your baby's cries - it actually predicts when your baby will wake up, what mood they'll be in, and when you should be quieter when going about your business...
The Image From This Newborn Baby Photoshoot Will Make You Wonder If Kids Are Worth It
WARNING: If you're not down with the realities of the ins and outs of parenthood (literally) then you might not want to scroll down. When this Dad and his newborn son posed for a heartwarming family photoshoot, we can almost guarantee this photo is NOT what they had in mind...
Advice For New Parents: Things Every Parent Needs To Know About Newborns
Yay! You're going to have a baby - an adorable, life-changing bundle of joy! However, as delicate and amazing as infants can be, weird stuff is going to happen during the first three months of their lives that could startle you...
New Baby Checklist: The Newborn Essentials Guide That's Budget-Friendly
Alright, momma - you've read all the baby books, your due date is nearing, and we're sure you're panicking a little bit. The best way to ease your anxiety is to be as prepared as possible. This new baby checklist will make your first weeks home with your newborn smooth and problem-free...
Thank You For Breastfeeding! Pro-Nursing Cards That Celebrate Moms
It's World Breastfeeding Week! Babies call the shots when it comes to early parenting. If they need to sleep - you better put 'em to bed. If they need to eat - you better get them fed, pronto. Unfortunately breastfeeding moms are often harshly judged for satisfying the needs of their babies because...
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