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15 of Phoebe Buffay's Funniest Moments During Her Pregnancy
Phoebe Buffay is by far my favorite character on "Friends." Spunky, a little bit all over the place, and full of quirky humor, she delivered some of the most hilarious lines on the show. From her debate with Ross over whether or not evolution is real...
Beyond The Belles: 55 Baby Names That Mean Beautiful
Who doesn't want a gorgeous child? Alright, so we're not the Jolie-Pitts but there's no reason we can't bestow a name meaning beautiful or handsome on one of our own. Why not put baby's best - most attractive - foot forward...
40 Things That Happen During the First 6 Months of Pregnancy
Though quite different, the first two trimesters of a woman's pregnancy are equally satisfying. Sure, the you might have morning sickness during the first trimester just to transition to swollen ankles the second trimester, but just knowing you're carrying a baby inside you makes it all worthwhile...
What New Moms Can Expect During the First Month of Pregnancy
So you're finally pregnant and preparing to pop a baby out in nine months. Not only is this scary for new moms but it might even be a little bit nerve-racking for experienced mothers who are already aware of the pains of carrying around a little human inside of them for so long...
How to Determine the Sex of Your Baby & Why It Can Help You
When the stork finally delivers the good news to you and your SO, a baby shower is planned and friends start asking you about baby names, suddenly you're in full parenting mode. While it might be a bit overwhelming, the excitement of knowing your baby is on the way trumps all the chaos...
The Final Stretch: Everything You Need to Know About the 7th Month of Pregnancy
During the 7th month of pregnancy, or the beginning of a woman's third trimester, every mother-to-be is just ready to welcome her baby into the world. Yet before being able to cradle that little one in her arms...
10 Reactions Your Friends & Family Have When You Tell Them You're Preggo
Remember how all your friends acted when you told them you were engaged? Well that's probably how they'll react to your pregnancy news as well. With a baby on the way, they'll either be living vicariously through you and buying all the baby clothes or offering their own parenting advice...
8 Real Life Struggles Every Woman Has During Pregnancy
There's no doubt that those nine months of pregnancy are completely worth it when you're suddenly face-to-face with your baby, but that doesn't mean that being pregnant is all fun and games. That is, with the back pains...
Mood Swings Every Mom-to-Be Will Have During Pregnancy
One day, you're sitting at the office going about your work and everything is fine. The next, you're sitting under a pile of tissues bawling over a video you just watched of a cat playing with a dog. OK...
Kourtney Kardashian Explains Why Being Naked And Pregnant IS Sexy
Kim Kardashian's Paper Magazine cover made quite the splash after the full frontal pictures broke the Internet. Some of the naysayers of the magazine spread said Kim should not be posing in the nude because she is a mom...
Embarrassing Pregnancy Problems No One Talks About
Being pregnant ain't a walk in a park. In fact, it kind of sucks. Yes, there are some ladies who love their pregnancy. And then there are some who will NEVER let their kids forget what hell they put their mom through! If you fall into the latter category, you're in trusted company...
Is Your Baby A Boy or Girl? Old Wives Tales For Gender Prediction
Before sonograms we resorted to strange and slightly absurd methods to find out the gender of a baby. Mixing pee with Drano, placing necklaces over your heart, and analyzing the shape of a pregnant woman's face are some popular old wives' tales for gender prediction...
Pregnant Woman Refuses Photoshoot. Husband And Beer Belly Do It Instead
Yeah, yeah, we all know that 'pregnancy is beautiful' but getting your photo taken while you're tired, bloated and feeling like you're gonna spew isn't every pregnant gal's dream. So when this man's wife refused to pose for maternity pictures...
'Can I Touch Your Belly?' & 'Wow You're Getting Big': 25 Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Woman
Nine months is a LONG time to put up with family and strangers rubbing your belly and asking you seriously personal questions. Talk of "impending pain" and "piling on the pounds" should be completely off limits, right? It would make life much simpler...
The 15 Best Things About Being Pregnant
Besides, y'know, getting a brand new kid at the end of your journey, there are lots of other perks to being pregnant! Unfortunately, it can be difficult to remember these positives when you're trying...
Morning Sickness Cures And Remedies For A Better Pregnancy
Why do docs call it "morning sickness" when it feels likes a 3-month, all-day hangover without the drunk Facebook pics to prove that all those tequila shots were worth it? Why do your fave foods suddenly make you retch...
The Stages Every Girl Goes Through During Pregnancy
Getting the news that you're set to be a new mom comes with a flurry of emotions; and understandably so. Life is about to drastically change forever. But before your little bundle of joy arrives, you have to first make it through pregnancy...
40 Weeks & A Mirror: Bump Selfies Perfectly Capture One Woman's Journey To Motherhood
Selfies are a whole lot easier when you're a photographer, and they're a whole lot artsier too. Sophie Starzenski took photos of her growing baby bump every month and the results are just beautiful.
20 Cute Ideas For The Ultimate Baby Shower
Planning a baby shower is the ultimate excuse to come up with some of the cutest creative ideas. From cookies to cake pops, decorations and games, no baby shower would be complete without a healthy dose of cute...
Pregnancy Birthing Ball Exercise Tips
All women want to stay as healthy as possible during their pregnancy, but many may not be sure how to do it. Exercising and stretching on a birthing ball...
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