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Gin O'clock : 13 Ways to Drink Gin That You Haven't Thought of Before
There’s so much more to gin than the basic G&T’s we know and love. So to make you a little more adventurous and help you switch it up a little we've assembled 15 different gin cocktails that you absolutely have to try...
15 Ways to Upgrade Your Gin & Tonic to a Whole New Level
Gin and tonic isn't just any refreshing boozy drink... NO! Gin and tonic is a way of life; nothing matches up to a glass of good, chilled gin, premium tonic water with ice and a slice. But if you fancy sprucing up your G&T...
Beat the Heat with These Delicious Summer Drinks
When you're melting in the heat of summer, there's nothing quite as nice as cooling off with a refreshing drink in hand. And with the warm, humid weather of July and August knocking on our door, it only seems appropriate to prepare for the approaching heat wave with our first-ever drink column...
12 Crazy Things You Can BBQ That Will Blow Your Mind
Next time you get the grill out, think outside of the bun, and jazz up your BBQ menu. From grilled cake to caesar salad, here are 12 things you can BBQ that definitely need to try.
Zero Calories & A Healthy Heart: 8 Awesome Benefits of Black Tea
Who doesn’t like a rich cup of tea first thing in the morning? It’s the first thing we think about when we wake up, the first thing we offer when someone's upset and the first thing we reach for when biscuits are in sight...
These 15 Frozen Cocktail Popsicles Are About to Change Your World
What's better than a popsicle on a hot summer day? A popsicle with gin, wine, vodka or prosecco in it, that's what. These boozesicles/poptails might just represent everything that's great about summertime and life, and it's about time you got on board...
14 Amazing Ways To Drink Rum You Definitely Haven't Thought Of Before
Yes other spirits are good (I'll never forget you gin), but there's something about rum that always gets the party started. I mean you can make daiquiris, mojitos AND piña coladas with rum - need we say more? Here are 14 different ways to enjoy it that will blow your freaking mind...
7 Healthy Meal Prep Ideas You Won't Get Bored Of
Anyone who has tried meal prepping knows how boring it can get. Seriously, how can someone eat grilled chicken breasts and steamed broccoli for seven days straight? But believe it or not, prepped meals...
Is Vegetarianism The Answer To Good Health? 8 Benefits Of Being A Vegetarian
Thinking of becoming a vegetarian? Being veggie is a great way to improve your health. From fighting disease, boosting your immune system to helping you lose weight going full veg CAN actually be pretty life changing BUT it's not for everyone...
15 Recipes That Prove Vegetarian Protein Is Way Better Than Meat
We've all heard some ridiculous reasons not to go veggie but not having enough vegetarian protein isn't one of them. Beans, eggs, kale and tofu are just a few meat-free ingredients that banish the idea...
Breakfast for Days: 17 Ways to Pimp Up Your Scrambled Eggs
Seriously, how can you not love eggs? They're a quick, nutritious, not to mention delicious meal you can enjoy at any time of the day and can be cooked practically any way (yeah, we really like them)...
10 Top Tips On How to Go Gluten-Free
Going gluten-free? If you're thinking about making the transition into a gluten-free lifestyle we're here to help. In honor of Celiac Awareness Month, we've rounded up our top 10 tips on how to go gluten-free so you can start enjoying the foods that are guaranteed to make you feel good...
20 Delicious Recipes Using 3 Ingredients or Less
After moving to New York City, I've come to realize just how broke I am. So broke that I ate cereal for lunch today. Yet I know I'm not the only one and that NYC certainly isn't the only city where people...
25 Game-Changing Ways to Eat Donuts
There's nothing bad we can say about donuts. OK... maybe the calorie count isn't so great, but that's just a minor detail. Fluffy, delicious and available in so many flavors, these bad boys are pretty much suitable to eat at any time of the day...
10 Easy Homemade Ice Cream Recipes Anyone Can Master
First things first: Red velvet ice cream exists and we don't think we can ever recover. But that's not the end of the ice cream excitement. From vegan ice cream to frozen chunks of chocolate fudge, we've...
Why Diet Pills Should Be Banned & The REAL Secret To Weight Loss
The so-called 'miracle supplements' that many of us hope to shift those extra few pounds are nothing more than a fast-track ticket to the grave. Don't believe us? Sofem investigates just WHAT it is that makes slimming pills SO detrimental to our health...
Chipotle Finally Reveals How to Make Its Guacamole
For some unknown reason Chipotle has released their secret guacamole recipe on their website. Why? Beats me. Yet after announcements that the restaurant chain would start delivering food to customers...
15 Healthier Alternatives for Your Favorite Fast Food Meals
Having the occasional craving for something fatty and fried is only natural. Sometimes all you want to do is munch on a greasy burger for lunch, or fulfill that late night hunger with a slice of big pizza...
15 Easy BBQ Recipes You Have To Try This Summer
Nothing says summer like a good old BBQ, and this summer we have you covered. From tequila-glazed chicken, to salt and vinegar potato wedges, we have all the easy BBQ recipes you need to celebrate the warm weather...
5 Types Of Good Carbs To Eat For A Healthy, Balanced Diet
When most people hear the word "carbohydrate," a red flag goes up and they run in the opposite direction. Many of us panic about gaining weight if we consume too many carby foods like breads, rice and potatoes, so it's no surprise that low-carb diets have become so popular...
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