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How to Use A Vibrator: 10 Ways to Get A Better Buzz
You might want to consider investing in a sex a toy if orgasms are nothing more than a fantasy at the moment. To hell with being timid! If you're new to the self-pleasure game and are clueless on how to use a vibrator, allow us to advise...
10 Ways Your Phone Is Getting In The Way Of Your Orgasm
When it comes to love and affection smartphones play an integral part in our relationships. BUT what about when it comes to sex? Research by Durham University found that 40% answered their phones during sex...
23 Things Women Actually Think While Men Are Trying to Get it On
Men are some really interesting creatures aren't they? They're so entitled at times that we want to bite their heads off, but so loveable the next that we can't even. Then there are those very special...
Here Is What You Need To Know About Lesbian Sex
It may be mysterious to some, but lesbian sex is an important part of any female homosexual or bisexual relationship. Unsure of what you need to know before engaging in lesbian sex? Lucky for you, we have everything you ever wanted to know...
Forget Fifty Shades! 50 Sexy Ways To ACTUALLY Get Turned On
If "Fifty Shades Of Grey" didn't quite turn you on like you thought it might, why not try these sexy fun ways to get turned on and make your man instantly HOT for you? Here's how to REALLY spice things up...
14 Thoughts Guys Have During Sex
Ladies, have you ever wondered what's going through your guy's head as you're straddling him and putting in your best work? Well, we polled a few dudes and they weren't afraid to dish! Here's what they told us they're often thinking during sex...
Everything You Wanted To Know About The Vagina But Were Afraid To Ask
You can call it a hoo-ha, a pikachu or the pink lady all you want, but the technical term for your body part down there is the vagina. As awkward as it may feel to talk about the sexual organ, it plays an important role in not just your health but YOUR sexual pleasure...
All You Need to Know About Male Orgasms
Often times we women assume men have it all down pact in the sex department. It seems they're always turned on and could go for another romp. Life is pretty sweet as far as we can see. In reality, sex isn't always a walk in the park for them...
10 Fifty Shades Of Grey Inspired Ways To Kink Up Your Sex Life
The pleasure-pain dynamic of Christian Grey drives men and women CRAZY. And after reading and watching the latest 50's trailer, what better way to celebrate than unleashing your very own 'inner goddess'...
10 Spontaneous Sex Tips That Will Blow His Mind
Wanna know what can make you irresistible to your man? From adding a bit a glamour to your look to forgetting your panties and sending him short frisky vids, there are tons of ways to get your man revved up and ready to go...
Win $500 In LELO Frisky Toys For Valentine's Day!
Whether you have a special someone to share your Valentine's Day with or not, these LELO toys can be used for a party of one or with your partner du jour. Here are the details for how you can win $500 of their best toys for the bedroom...
50 Shades of Grey Sex Positions To Channel Your "Inner Goddess"
50 Shades of Grey Sex Positions To Channel Your "Inner Goddess"
20 Of The Best Striptease Songs to Help Set The Mood
When it's time to get down for a raunchy striptease, we like the mood to be just right. From the ambiance to the lingerie, we demand nothing but perfection for our boo. Number one on our seduction checklist: a meticulously selected playlist of lustful tunes...
Here Is Everything You (Secretly) Wanted To Know About The G-Spot
Fun fact: the G spot isn’t a myth! It is one of the trickiest erogenous zones to find, but once you know how to work it, it can be one of the biggest sources of pleasure. Still not convinced that this spot could blow you and your partner's mind? Let us take on the task of convincing you...
11 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Ejaculation
Despite what you may believe, ladies, ejaculation is not just a (messy) orgasm, it's a mechanical and biological reflex as well. Oh, and another thing to note: for some men, it doesn't always run smoothly...
6 Things Everyone Should Know About The Clitoris
Straight up: the clitoris is the ultimate pleasure organ, and is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. For a long time it was considered secondary on the scale of importance, and, get this, was even stigmatized...
Threesomes: How To Decide If You Should Have Sex With Your Man AND Another Woman
Just a few minutes into the 'what's your ultimate fantasy chat' with your man, you can bet your bottom dollar that have a threesome with another smoking hot female is going to be near the top of the list...
Here Is EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Why Foreplay Is Important
Foreplay consists of all those fun things you get to do BEFORE you get to home base, and sometimes eager beavers forget how fun the warmup to the big finale can be. So here is everything you need to know about why you should take it slow in the bedroom...
10 Sex Myths About Women That Are Totally False
Women rarely want to have sex, and when they do they are all about missionary with lots of eye contact...right? Wrong. Lots of the stereotypes about women in the bedroom are false, so we are here to give you the real deal when it comes to women and what they want between the sheets...
Threesomes: 6 Things You Probably Should Consider Before Having Sex With Two Men
If the thought of having two men in bed with you, devoted to your sexual pleasure turns you on a little bit, then you're not alone. As it turns out, there are plenty of women who share the same steamy fantasy...
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Here Is What You Need To Know About Lesbian Sex
Everything You Wanted To Know About The Vagina But Were Afraid To Ask
All You Need to Know About Male Orgasms
Here Is Everything You (Secretly) Wanted To Know About The G-Spot
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