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30 of our favorite romantic quotes
30 of our favorite romantic quotes
Moving On Quotes
Moving On Quotes
25 Valentine's Day Cards You ACTUALLY Want
25 Valentine's Day Cards You ACTUALLY Want
50 Cheating Quotes To Help Heal Your Broken Heart
50 Cheating Quotes To Help Heal Your Broken Heart
Why You Probably Shouldn't Marry Your First & Only Serious Boyfriend
One day we'll get a dog. That's what my first serious boyfriend and I used to say to each other as we planned our future together as naive teenagers. Little did I know, we wouldn't make it past my freshman year of college and only dated two years...
Why Giving Your Partner An Ultimatum To Save Your Relationship Will Never Work
You may have heard that Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are thinking about getting back together, although they both have pretty serious ultimatums before they're willing to give each other a second chance...
You Can Now Put Your Dead Loved One's Ashes In A Dildo
Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences anybody can go through, but thanks to a handy new invention, you can now keep your loved one close to you even after they're gone. So close, in fact, that they can actually be inside you...
Girlfriend Makes Her Boyfriend Take A Beyoncé Test To Make Sure They Can Stay Together
We all know that Beyoncé is the high Queen of all, but most of the time she doesn’t tend to dominate our relationships. This goes to show us all never to underestimate the power of Queen B, as this girl tested her boyfriend on Beyoncé to ensure they would stay together...
16 Reasons Why Fairytale Love Is The Best Kind Of Love
After wailing over the new "Cinderella" we couldn’t help but think: what is it about fairytale love stories that make our hearts flutter and melt? Is it the zero arguments? The man that would risk his life just for her? Their picture perfect life? Well basically, yes...
20 Creative Date Night Ideas To Keep Your Relationship Fresh And Exciting
A date night consisting of nothing more than dinner and a movie can grow monotonous, especially after you've been with your partner for awhile. No one wants to sit around and watch the romance and excitement fizzle in their relationship...
10 Stupid Arguments That Show Your Relationship Might Be Doomed
Ever thought about how stupid and petty some of the arguments you and your BF have had were? We're not talking about bickering over the TV or how to stack the dishwasher properly. We're talking about those heated evening long arguments that involve door slamming, tears, and all kinds of yelling...
10 Expectations Only People In Long Term Relationships Know
Sometimes we get our realities messed up with our dreams especially in long term relationships. We always think 'this should be like that' or 'he should be doing this', but the reality is, there's no book or bible when it comes to true love...
10 Signs You're Just His Sugar Mama
Women always get a bad wrap for being "gold diggers"; soulless vipers looking to drain men of all their precious coins. The truth is, gold digging works both ways. Believe it or not, men can be users, too...
10 Foolproof Steps To Getting Your Girl The Perfect Gift
It's very rare that a girl gets the EXACT gift she wants from her significant other. Women can be complicated. We'd probably be lying if we said that we didn't take into account the fact that the amount of thought you put into our gift may, or may not be, directly correlated to how much you care...
10 Thoughts You Have When You Go Back To His Place
Every single sets out in the evening with the hopes of finding Prince Charming and getting invited back to his palace... or his really crappy apartment that he shares with four other dudes. Regardless...
10 Reasons Why '50 Shades Of Grey' Is Actually A Modern Fairytale
Would your mom kill if she knew your modern fairytale involved whips, handcuffs and a kinky billionaire? Possibly... but one look at Christian Grey and it wouldn't just change her mind, she would probably ask to borrow your copy of the book...
25 Thoughts You Probably Have When Moving In With Your Boyfriend
So you've been together a while now, and having quiet sex while your parents or roomies are in, is getting a little tedious. Plus, you're in your mid-twenties, which means it’s time to take the next step in your relationship...
How I Knew It Was Time To Leave My Emotionally Abusive Relationship
Often times emotionally abusive relationships aren't deemed detrimental in the way physically abusive ones are. Because scars aren't visible to the naked eye, it's hard for those who haven't suffered to quantify the hurt and damage...
10 Types Of Couples On Instagram That Make You Want To Gag
Maybe it is realizing how single you are during the holiday season, but there are some couples on social media that make us want to go back to having a flip phone. We want to be oh so happy for those that are blissfully in love, but there is a line...
25 Honest Quotes About Marriage From Celebrities We Love
If there is one thing we hear over and over again about marriage, it's that it's hard work. So who better to receive some of the best advice on making marriage work than the celebrity couples we idolize, and maybe even from the ones we don't...
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