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50 Cheating Quotes To Help Heal Your Broken Heart
50 Cheating Quotes To Help Heal Your Broken Heart
Avoid Breaking the Bank: How to Save Money on Your Wedding Day
Every year, couples shell out thousands of dollars on weddings. Some pay what might equate to the cost of a sleek car, while others burn a whole in their pockets by dropping down enough dough to buy a new house with...
The Famous #FollowMeTo Couple Just Got Married & Their Wedding Was INSANE
Murad Osmann and his now-wife Natalia Zakharova are Insta-stars thanks to their series of photos from around the world, which shows Osmann snapping Zakharova in front of stunning landmarks while holding her hand...
Bring Back The Baby Face! 13 Reasons We Want Men To Shave Their Beards Already
It’s pretty hard not to notice that the male population has been looking a whole lot hairier recently; with beards as the hot new must-have for a gentleman’s cheeks. Some hate them, some love them, but...
22 Brides & Bridesmaids Who Were Totally Owning It
Let's face it, classical bridal portraits are boring and a little basic. It's usually just a bunch of women lined up in pretty dresses, and we all know there's not much fun in that. So take some cues from these ladies and add a little creativity to your bridal party photos...
Wedding Etiquette: How to Tell Your Guests That Children Aren't Invited
Celebrating the union of the ones you love, dancing to “Cupid Shuffle” at least once, and taking advantage of the open bar are all hallmarks of a good wedding. It’s a day where everyone puts their worries behind them and enjoys their time with friends and family...
From Grade School to College: A Marriage In the Making
When Ashley Hill (formerly Young), 23, met Adam Hill, 22, they were both in elementary school. Yet it wasn't an argument over using the same color crayon or an interest in macaroni art that brought them together...
Boys Tell All: What Do You Think Of A Woman Putting Out On The First Date?
There are so many questions women have when it comes to understanding the caveman tendencies of the millennial male. Do they like when girls play hard to get or do they think that makes them a tease? Are dad bods here to stay or are men secretly dying to get back in the gym? So...
Long-Distance Marriages Are 100% Sustainable & Better for Your Health
When you see your spouse every day, frustration and bickering are bound to occur. Driving each other up the wall is inevitable, and every so often giving one another space is essential for a healthy marriage...
Why You Probably Shouldn't Marry Your First & Only Serious Boyfriend
One day we'll get a dog. That's what my first serious boyfriend and I used to say to each other as we planned our future together as naive teenagers. Little did I know, we wouldn't make it past my freshman year of college and only dated two years...
Why Giving Your Partner An Ultimatum To Save Your Relationship Will Never Work
You may have heard that Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are thinking about getting back together, although they both have pretty serious ultimatums before they're willing to give each other a second chance...
You Can Now Put Your Dead Loved One's Ashes In A Dildo
Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences anybody can go through, but thanks to a handy new invention, you can now keep your loved one close to you even after they're gone. So close, in fact, that they can actually be inside you...
Straight High Schooler Asks His Gay Best Friend To Prom
Jacob Lescenski is straight and his best friend Anthony Martinez is gay. In a move that proves we are living in some amazing times, Jacob asked his best friend out to Prom with a huge sign reading: "you're hella gay...
The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: What Every Bride Needs For Her Big Day!
As it turns out, wedded bliss doesn't end at the sparkles of a gorgeous rock. No, the ring is merely there to serve as a beacon of hope as the wedding planning madness begins to take root. Trust us, we understand...
High School Sweethearts: A Tropical Proposal Straight From the Movies
When Rand Ravnaas and Hillary Hall met each other in 2008, it wasn't love at first sight. Both seniors in high school at the time, being involved in a serious relationship before college wasn't part of the plan...
How to Use A Vibrator: 10 Ways to Get A Better Buzz
You might want to consider investing in a sex a toy if orgasms are nothing more than a fantasy at the moment. To hell with being timid! If you're new to the self-pleasure game and are clueless on how to use a vibrator, allow us to advise...
Funny Things Brides Have Done for the Perfect Wedding
From the cake flavors to the seating chart, wedding planning is pretty dang stressful. You just want to ensure that your ceremony and reception live up to what you've always dreamed of, but the pressure of it all can be overwhelming...
Girlfriend Makes Her Boyfriend Take A Beyoncé Test To Make Sure They Can Stay Together
We all know that Beyoncé is the high Queen of all, but most of the time she doesn’t tend to dominate our relationships. This goes to show us all never to underestimate the power of Queen B, as this girl tested her boyfriend on Beyoncé to ensure they would stay together...
10 Ways Your Phone Is Getting In The Way Of Your Orgasm
When it comes to love and affection smartphones play an integral part in our relationships. BUT what about when it comes to sex? Research by Durham University found that 40% answered their phones during sex...
40 Creative Wedding Cake Pictures For Instant Ideas
Choosing your wedding cake is not only one of the most important decisions of the entire nuptial process, it is hands down the tastiest. They're scrumptious food for the eyes and tummy. That said, everyone is always anticipating the sweet treats on the big day, so there is often a lot of pressure...
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