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QUIZ: Are You Team Katy Or Team Taylor?
It's official people: Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have declared war on each other and we need to decide where our allegiance lies.
Which Spice Girl Are You?
It's the question every single girl (and probably most boys) have thought about at some point in their lives, and we think once we have the answer, it will finally define us. So who are you? Are you a Baby, a Scary, a Posh, a Ginger or a Sporty...
Find Out What Your 'Bad Blood' Character Would Be With Our Name Generator
Even though you're not BFF with Taylor Swift, and thus were rudely excluded from being asked to star in her new "Bad Blood" music video, it doesn't mean you can't imagine what badass character you would have been...
Heartwarming Reactions To $100 Tips That Stun Fast Food Employees
This vid is seriously good for the soul! If you've ever worked in fast food then you've probably met the worst kind of people mankind has to offer. The workers who serve us greasy double-bacon cheeseburgers, milkshakes, and piping hot fries rarely get any thanks for their hard work...
Find Out Why This Dog Is Student Of The Year
Dogs are more than friendly, loyal companions. They also keep a watchful eye over us and often save our lives too! Rachel Benke knows this better than anyone. The seventh-grader has suffered from epileptic seizures since she was born...
It's Throwback Thursday! 20 of The Best, Dangerous, and Most WTF Toys From Our Childhood
It's #ThrowbackThursday! Let's a take trip down memory lane and bring ya'll back to the days when getting new toys and keeping up with fads were the only things that mattered in our lives. Sometimes the plastic toymarkers blessed us with something pretty cool...
How A Dog Left For Dead Was Loved Back To Life
When poor little Patrick was found left for dead, he looked utterly beyond help. What happened next was amazing...
Tearjerking Tributes to Our Furry Dog Friends
Dogs have been our loyal companions for centuries. They have an uncanny ability to sense our ever-changing emotions, to find the half-eaten pork chop at the bottom of the trash can and, most importantly, elicit some of the deepest and all-consuming love we will experience in our lifetimes...
Terrifying Real Life Stories That Will Make You Question Reality
Reddit users were asked the question, “What is the creepiest ‘glitch in the matrix’ you’ve experienced?”, and some answers were so freaky that we just had to share them. You may have to sleep with a light...
The Most Epic Viral Dog Videos Of ALL Time
Every dog has its day, and fortunately for us that day was recorded and put on Youtube! Whether they are up to no-good, are wearing silly outfits or are simply SO CUTE AND SO FLUFFY, we've spent many an hour trawling YouTube for our top 20 favourite moments from man's best friend...
Yum: The top 10 coolest food hybrids
Did you get caught up in the cronut craze? Well lucky for you, there are even more amazing food hybrids out there. Some are savory, some are sweet, and some might just take a little bit of courage to try...
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QUIZ: Are You Team Katy Or Team Taylor?
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