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The future for your finances
Find out what the future holds for your finances with our online tarot.
Fortune-telling tea leaves: your future through tea leaves
By reading tea leaves, a traditional and visual method, it’s possible to know your immediate future and get the answers to your everyday questions! Find the answers at the bottom of your tea cup in the tea leaves...
Celebrity Tarot
Find out which celeb best matches your personality with our celebrity tarot.
Tarot: Find out what the tarot cards reveal about you
If you've got a burning question about love or work, consult the tarot cards and find out what the future holds.
Which precious stones bring you luck?
You may know what your birthstone is but did you know other precious stones can also have an influence on your life. Find out which stones could improve your day-to-day life!
The Dice of Love - relationship oracle
The Greeks used dice to predict the future of their love lives. Do the same to find out what your love life has in store over the coming weeks, whether you're in a relationship or not.
Jewel tarot
Let the jewel tarot help you find the answer to a problem or issue you care about.
Tarot: how do I meet The One?
If you want to know how and when you'll meet The One, look no further than the tarot cards.
Tarot harmony: is your life off balance?
Consult the harmony tarot to help you work out the best ways to create balance in your life...
Tarot of the Maya
Discover what lies ahead in your near future with the tarot of the Maya.
The Dragon Oracle
Consult the Dragon Oracle and discover your innermost, secret conflicts...
Destiny tarot: let the cards guide you!
Concentrate on a question and click on three cards at random. Then discover which areas of your life are of top priority for you now.
Angel tarot: free angel card readings
Be inspired by angels and draw your cards from our angel tarot to receive advice or see a situation more clearly...
Psychic abilities: Am I psychic?
Ever felt you may be gifted with psychic abilities? Find out how to harness your sixth sense.
Friday the 13th superstitions: what do you believe?
Arghh!! Friday the 13th, a date that sends shivers down the spine. In the UK we're so concerned about the dreaded day that some wedding venues even drop their prices for Friday the 13th as no-one wants to jinx their big day...
Psychic readings: having a reading with a psychic
Are you thinking of having a psychic reading but don't know what to expect? Read our guide to psychic readings to find out more...
Tarot card spreads
Delve into the world of tarot card reading and learn how to spread the cards for the reading you want...
Your future is your hands. Check out our palmistry guide to find out what your palms reveal about you.
What happens after death | Near death experiences
Ever wondered what happens after you die? We talk to Cher Chevalier about near death experiences and what the Hereafter holds...
Soulmates: How do you know if you are soulmates?
How do you know if your man is 'The One'? Hollywood psychic Victoria Bullis reveals the seven signs he's your soulmate.
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Psychic readings: having a reading with a psychic
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