The Perfect Stocking
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The fruit and veg


A little Christmas joke that references that infamous 'Bottom' Christmas special... "What is it Eddie?, what is it? Ohhhh... it's another brussel sprout!"

Wrapping up veg items destined for the Christmas table bulks up your stocking and adds a little comedy value. How cruel you want to be is entirely up to you.

A good stocking always features a giant orange too... Don't ask us why?

Brussel sprouts - like them or loathe them (let's face it, no-one loves brussel sprouts) they're an essential part of the Christmas dinner.
Potato - it's got to be King Edwards for roasties.
Carrots - roasted, braised or boiled, you need carrots at Christmas.
Giant orange - pop it in your fruit bowl, it'll still be good three months later (probably).


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