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The Perfect Stocking
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The wrapping paper


You can't get away with just stuffing the gifts inside your sock. No, no, no. Each piece (with the exception of chocolate coins and the like) must be carefully wrapped and ribboned.

Sophisticated Dad wrap. Renaissance gold and black spot wrap 5m from House of Fraser £5.50
It's pretty and it's stylish. Adamaksi Red Flocked Wrapping Paper from Funky Wrapping £1.99
This isn't actual Christmas paper which means you can use it again for her birthday. Double Sided Fairies Wrapping Paper from Funky Wrapping £1.60
Cute Christmas penguins. Love it! Linea Frosty 5m wrap from House of Fraser £5.50
For once in his life, it's what's inside that counts but that doesn't mean it shouldn't still look pretty. Adamaksi Blue Flocked Wrapping Paper from Funky Wrapping £2.99


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