Laithwaite - how Tony Laithwaite built a wine empire
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Tony Laithwaite's wine tasting advice

Tony Laithwaite's wine tasting advice

Sitting in the Laithwaites Wine Experience at Vinpolis it's hard to imagine Tony Laithwaite ever retiring. His enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and his sense of humor lightens the usual stuffy and serious subject of wine and wine making.

"I’m 64, 65 in a month, so I get my pension this year", says Tony, grimmacing, though the idea clearly amuses him.

"Barbara gets mad with me because I’m always on the Blackberry, she’d kill that thing if she got the chance but I’m still involved in the business, I love it.

"I don’t have much in the way of outside interests. I do tastings all the time and I write.

It's not about business for Tony Laithwaite and it's clear that he feels there is nothing to retire from.

"I like everything that goes with the wine." He explains.

"It’s a social thing. I think there's too much focus on whether it actually tastes of logan berries and pepper and leather... Well yeah, if you want, sure. It’s interesting but frankly, now I’m at this great age, I just like the wines my friends make.

"I like my wines, I love Henry’s wine too. Barbara's. I have a whole lot of friends and the best thing is going to your friends' and enjoying it together."

If that was my job, I probably wouldn't want to give it up either.

Find out more about Laithwaite's Wine Merchants:

Don't know anything about wine? Tony's advice is just to "plunge in!" Laithwaite's offer a blanket policy on their wines: anything you don't like can be sent back and you'll get your money back. Simple.

Check it out Laithwaite's online or chat with the lovely people in store - find your nearest Laithwaites

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