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Being a good hostess

Being a good hostess

The party may have started, but your work is far from...   
- Chat to everyone. It's tempting to only talk to your good friends, but it's not the best way of leaving a good impression on the rest of your guests.  
- Don't drink too much - if anything happens, you need to be in control.
- Get the conversation going, especially over dinner.
- Keep smiling, even when your friend spills her cocktail all over your sofa...   
- Don't feel guilty if a few people look unhappy and don't fret - it's their problem. 
- When you feel it's time to call it a night, don't be shy about letting people know. Show them (subtly) it's time to leave by turning the lights on and starting to clear up.    
- However, keep a couple of friends behind to help you start clearing up. It'll make things easier - you won't wake up the next morning mortified at the mess you've been left to clear up!


Sarah Horrocks
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