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Budget & action plan

Budget & action plan

Parties can cost, so don't be too ambitious if you can't afford to spend a fortune!
Work out how much you have to spend so that you don't end up broke and living on Corn Flakes for the rest of the month until you get paid. 

Get your guests to bring some food or alcohol, though it's best to give them an idea of what to bring (drinks, snacks etc). It's best to guide them a little bit, otherwise you'll end up with 10 bottles and a packet of crisps. If you're buying in bulk, try the wholesaler or Cash and Carry to help keep your costs down, and buy your drinks by the liter to get better value for money. 

Once you've established your budget, make a list of everything you need to do and plan when you'll do it, right down to the day of the party. Remember: a dinner for 10 can be much more time-consuming to prepare than a buffet for 20! If you're not Miss Organized, ask for help and delegate, or organize a meal out in a restaurant. Whatever you do, don't leave it too late to find the right places to buy everything you need.


Sarah Horrocks
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