Understanding Endometriosis
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Though Robson’s case is particularly severe, endometriosis very often goes undiagnosed for years, largely because it can present itself in such a wide variety of ways.

According to Endometriosis UK, recent research shows that there is currently an average of 8 years between a woman first going to a doctor with symptoms and when she receives an endometriosis diagnosis.

These days, though, awareness is on the rise, there are more resources available, and the condition is getting more attention from researchers. 

 “The World Endometriosis Research Foundation (WERF) is working with a goal of a day where no woman is crippled by endometriosis, nor prevented from having children because of the disease,” said Lone Hummelshoj, chief executive of the charity. 

“Despite being less than four years old, WERF is now working with 31 centers in 20 countries, which shows just how much interest there is among physicians and scientists who wish to contribute to finding solutions for the more than 100 million women whose lives can be compromised by endometriosis.”


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