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Once you’ve established what sort of snorer you are, you can find the right snore "stopper" for you. But what really works? Is there such a thing as a proven product or device that can really keep you quiet at night?

wewomen readers tested some of the latest anti-snoring innovations and give you the low-down on each. Each tester couple used a sound-activated recording device to monitor snores throughout the night.

Meet our testers (*some names have been changed):

The Multifactoral Snorer

Chuck*, 27, Marketing Manager, London
“I often find my girlfriend curled up on the sofa in the morning and it makes me feel terrible! I know I snore really loudly. You can hear it through walls. My dad snores in the same way so I know how unbearable it is.”

Anna, 30, Journalist, London – Chuck’s girlfriend
“I know it’s not his fault but I can’t help feeling annoyed when his snores wake me up. I’ve tried prodding him but if neither of us is getting a good sleep then that’s worse – I’d rather sleep on the couch than disturb his sleep as well.”

The Nose Snorer

Kim*, 33, Financial Planner, Surrey
“My boyfriend won’t stay over with me unless he has nothing to do the following day. He knows he’s not going to get a good night’s sleep. I snore really loudly and I move about a lot too. It’s not a great combination”

Dave, 32, Session Guitarist, Middlesex – Eve’s boyfriend

“Kim is a nightmare to share a bed with. She’s so loud it’s impossible to block out even with industrial strength ear-plugs.”

Throat snorer

Richard, 30, Telesales Manager, Berkshire
“My snoring really gets going when I’m on my back with my mouth open. Rose usually digs me in the ribs until I turn over but it causes rows as I do love my sleep and hate to be disturbed.”

Rose, 26, Community Support Officer, Buckinghamshire – Richard’s girlfriend

“I’ve got no patience when I’m tired so Richard’s snoring can cause epic rows. I know he has no control over it but it makes me so angry that he can’t stop... I know that’s irrational.”


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