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Breathe Rite nasal strips


Breathe Right nasal strips
Tried & Tested: Breathe Right nasal strips

What is it?
Breathe Right nasal strips are flexible strips that attach to your nose to open up your airways. It's drug-free and relieves nasal congestion, so you can breathe through your nose instead of your mouth.

The claim?
Can reduce or even eliminate snoring by opening the nasal airways. Eased breathing in 75% of snorers. Improves sleep quality in 90% of snorers. 90% of snorers felt less sleepy during the day.

Price and where to buy?
£13.99 for 30 strips from Superdrug, £9.49 from Amazon or £6.49 for 10 strips from Boots. Strips come in regular and large and clear and beige color.

The results:
wewomen readers used the Breathe Right Nasal Strips for 7 days.

The Multifactoral Snorer

The Results
I needed the large size. Getting them in the right place take a little practice but they feel fine when they're on. It really helps you to breathe when you're congested or stuffed up.
Anna I thought we'd found the miracle cure when we started using these but three days later Chuck started snoring through the strip. It was less violent though, the strips certainly quieten him down and I borrowed them when I had a cold and couldn't sleep - they were excellent for that.

The Nose Snorer

Kim I like sleeping with the strips because they really help you breathe clearly but I don't like the way they make me look. In the morning my nose always looked wider and puffy.
Dave These were good. Kim can still manage a snore with these on but it's quite different to her normal volume and sound. They work pretty well.

The Throat Snorer

I felt like a right twit in my nasal strip. It's not uncomfortable though and I fell asleep pretty quickly with it on. It helped me breathe.
Rose I'm not sure this had any effect really. The sound of Richard's snores changed but it was still loud enough to keep me awake.


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