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Is getting some fresh air and spending time outside important?


Getting fresh air is really important

Though you probably don't want to go outside in the cold it's important to try and get some fresh air during the winter.

"Getting fresh air is really important," Says Dr Anuradha Arasu, "partly for the beneficial effects of natural sunlight (which is needed for us to produce vitamin D), partly because outdoor exercise is thought to make breathing techniques during aerobic exercise more effective, and partly because of the beneficial psychological impact of reconnecting with nature."

Watts suggests a bracing winter walk is the best way to get some much-needed exercise during winter.

"Walking is the most natural form of exercise and incorporating into every day life - not just sitting on your behind and then suddenly going to the gym!" She says.

"Continual spontaneous movement is best for metabolism, keeping muscles open and pain-free, coping with stress and we need to continual help relieve the damage that sitting on chairs in front of computers can do."

To keep your mind healthy too, Martin Cox MBACP (accred.) agrees with Watts, "Stay active, preferably in the great outdoors - go for a walk during the day.

"Exercise will increase your sense of wellbeing and exposure to daylight can really lift your mood. But make sure to wrap up warm because feeling cold can add to low mood."

"Vitamin D is not only vital for immune health, it is also important for mood." Stresses Butler, "As vitamin D is synthesized in the skin by sunlight, it is thought that a deficiency could make you more prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Individuals should therefore be encouraged to spend time outdoors in the sunlight when possible."


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