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How important is a good night’s sleep?


Sleep is crucial for recovery

When we sleep our bodies have a chance to repair and fight anything untoward before it can take hold and make us sick. Getting enough kip is an essential part of staying healthy.

According to Charlotte Watts of De-Stress Ltd, Sleep is "Crucial for recovery, healing, building good immunity and detoxification.

"That also means respecting that your body needs to wind down and be calm in the evening." Calming down and de-stressing makes naturally dropping off easier and allows good quality (not just quantity) of sleep.

Knowing how much sleep you need is a question of how you feel. "An individual’s sleep requirements can vary from 6 to 10 hours per night," says Kate Butler, "but whatever your personal sleep requirement is, do your best to get it! 

"Research has shown that a lack of enough good quality sleep disturbs the regulation of key chemicals produced by the immune system to fight infection."

Dr Arasu agrees, stating a "Lack of sleep has been associated with worsening of blood pressure and cholesterol, weight gain and low serotonin levels which can cause low mood.

"A good night’s sleep will reduce stress which helps your immune system, make you more alert and boost your memory as memory consolidation occurs during sleep."

All good reasons to have at least a couple of early nights during the party season.


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