Reebok EasyTone | On-the-go toning

Reebok EasyTone | On-the-go toning

EasyTone trainers © Reebok - Reebok EasyTone | On-the-go toning
EasyTone trainers © Reebok
Whether you're a walk-to-work in trainers type, an on-the-go mum or a power walking pro, you'll know that wearing trainers is the way to go for your active lifestyle.

We're just the same, marching to work or the latest beauty event to avoid getting on the tube, or going for an evening powerwalk to get moving after a long desk-bound day, it's the little extra efforts that help us to stay in shape.

That's why we're huge fans of the latest relaunch of Reebok's EasyTone trainers - it's not cheating exactly, but they do give you some extra help in the toning department (making that bikini bottom look ever more achievable). 

Designed by NASA engineer Bill McInnis, the managing director for advanced concepts at Reebok, the Reebok EasyTone uses air and instability to force your core muscles and your leg and bum muscles to work that teeny bit harder to stand, walk or pace. 

Reebok put their EasyTones through rigorous research and found that they tone your legs by up to 11% more than normal trainers and your butt by up to 28% more - the kind of results you can measure in the mirror - we like. 

How do they work?

EasyTones have a unique structure on the sole of the shoe where air can be transferred between two chambers - one on the heel and one on the sole of the foot, the shape is slightly rounded too, meaning that you're less stable and to keep standing strong the little muscles in your legs and core have to over compensate, tightening you up a treat.

EasyTone Flash © Reebok
EasyTone Flash © Reebok
How quickly do they work?

Don't be fooled. Although they are called EasyTones, simply putting them on and watching Scrubs isn't going to help in your quest for a toned and tightened bod' - you actually have to exercise in them - shocking, we know. 

EasyTones are best for things like gym classes and power walking, pacing around doing errands or generally hot footing it from A to B before you sneak into your stilettos to arrive looking like the polished professional you are. 

It's best not to go running in them, if you're serious about jogging, running, marathons and other such things, then a dedicated pair of specialist running shoes is best, but for toning as you go, Reebok EasyTone are perfect, espesh' as they come in a range of colors and styles (black high tops for don't notice my trainers, flip flops and hot pink trainers - why does sportswear lends itself to a neon palette?). 

Made from lightweight materials with breathability and seamless interiors (to minimize new shoe blisters) they're our secret helper in our quest for great legs and peachy bums. 

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