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Keep your love life sweet after your holiday


He was toned, tanned, Speedoed and all yours for two long weeks of summer lovin' now you're back to the old 9/5 routine, hold onto the magic.

1- Treat each other to a sexy massage. Close the curtains, light scented candles, play calming music and massage each other with body oil. It'll be like sex on the beach all over again - minus the sand.

2- Stay close. You put the world to rights under the palm trees, had lengthy philosophical discussions over sundowners and lovey-dovey talks over dinner. Why do we often communicate ten times more on holiday than we do at home? Keep sharing your inner thoughts with each other instead of reverting back to 'Who's going to cook tonight?'

3- Make a new relationship ritual. Go out for lunch or have after-dinner drinks during happy hour once a week, go to the cinema on a Sunday afternoon, or have Sunday lunch in a different restaurant every month.

4- Exercise together. We all know it's easier à deux! Keep your bikini bod steely with weekly jogs, swims, abs sessions or tango lessons. You can always hit the sauna afterwards to relax and show off your amazing body in front of him.

5- Plan a romantic weekend away. To avoid getting stuck in the daily grind too soon, organize a getaway by the sea or in a romantic capital, in a nice hotel or B&B. Even if it's not for another few months, the thought of going away again will give you wings!


Sarah Horrocks
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