Post-holiday blues: how to make your holiday mood last
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Spend time with your family and children


© Essentiel girls
© Essentiel girls

On holiday we ease off the pressure, relax about time and stop chasing the clock, yet spending more time with the kids isn't just something to do on holiday. Keep spending quality time with your little ones: sometimes it's all they want!

1- Turn off the TV. A happy home doesn't require a TV set (we often have more fun when we switch off the box). In the evenings after homework time, get together and play board games or cards like you did on holiday.

2- Compile photo albums. Give the kids a scrapbook each to fill with stories, photos, drawings, postcards, shells and memories, so you can all enjoy reminiscing about your hols.

3- Bring the beach indoors. If it's raining and they've lost all the color from their cheeks, improvise! Get everyone into their swimming gear in the lounge (maybe turn up the heating), make smoothies or ice cream and have a round of beach games and songs.

4- Take up new activities. Instead of the usual piano, flute and clarinet lessons that bore them to tears and give you thumping headaches, sign your kids up for new activities. If they fell in love with trampolining or volleyball at Kids' Club, sign them up for lessons or get them to join a club so that they can improve.

5- Plan ahead. Get your atlas out and discuss where to go next year. Even if you've only been back a few weeks, get the kids to research where they'd like to go, what they'd like to see and the places they'd like to visit.


Sarah Horrocks
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