Post-holiday blues: how to make your holiday mood last
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Our expert advice on looking after yourself after your hol


Set aside time for yourself without feeling guilty about it.

Feeling good in your skin and your body makes you happier around your loved ones, so it's important for everyone that you look after yourself! Treat yourself to massages and spa afternoons with your girlfriends (flexi-time was invented for a reason).

And after all that sea and sun, the time is right to put your hair in the hands of your stylist. Treat yourself to a new cut to give yourself a change.
Don't let the autumnal blues set in and start hibernating at home in front of daytime TV munching your way through bags of crisps for comfort. It'll only make you more depressed, as well as making you pile on the pounds.

Get out in the fresh air as often as possible to cheer yourself up. It's simple, but it works!
Tip: Try exercising like an American socialite. Get hold of the Leg Work DVD. This strengthening workout, which has gone down a storm in the US, tones and sculpts your legs, perfects your stiletto strut and works your grace and sexiness in heels.


Sarah Horrocks
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