Post-holiday blues: how to make your holiday mood last
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Expert advice on spending more time with your friends


Holidays bring you the opportunity to meet new people, so don't neglect your friendships: they're a breath of fresh air in our overly busy lives. Your friends open new doors and horizons to you and reveal aspects of your personality you're unaware of or don't cultivate.

When you get back, make the first move and get in touch with your new friends to keep in contact. If you're into the same things, arrange to go out together: if you're into hiking, organize a trip to the country, or if you're more into wining and dining, set a date for a dinner party.

Your friends enrich you and make you develop as a person, so don't neglect them.
Don't neglect the faithful friends you've known since school in favor of your holiday friends, or bore your best friend from home with your tales of all the good times you had on holiday with your new mates. You don't want to make anyone feel left out.
Tip: You're more open, sociable and fun on holiday, so carry on opening up to people and expanding your horizons at home. Try using social networking and friendship sites to meet new people you share interests with.


Sarah Horrocks
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