Post-holiday blues: how to make your holiday mood last
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Our expert's advice on maintaining your relationship after the summer holidays


You discover a lot about each other on holiday, so carry on making time for your relationship. If you have kids, remember to make time for your relationship as well as your family. Learn to say no a little and make clear rules so that you don't let your private time get compromised!

Go away for a weekend once a month and leave your kids with your parents or in-laws, who will appreciate spending quality time with their grandkids (and vice versa: it's good to encourage close bonds between generations).

And don't forget to evaluate where you want your relationship to go, to strengthen the bond between you and build on what you have. New plans and ideas energize and feed love.

Don't get narked with him because he's not around as much and less loving as he was on holiday. Obviously the return to work will bring you both down to earth, and you'll always need a bit of time to adjust.

Holidays are about exploring new exotic destinations as well as tourist destinations, so why stop exploring when you get home? Get hold of a Kama Sutra or some erotic literature to give you extra ideas and carry on spicing up your love life back home.


Sarah Horrocks
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