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Nordic Walking: A guide to Nordic Walking


Nordic Walking: A guide to Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking © iStockphoto - Nordic Walking: A guide to Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking © iStockphoto
For an outdoor exercise regime that gets your whole body working, while exploring the great outdoors you can't go wrong with Nordic Walking. This little known sport is actually a great way to keep in shape while getting a daily dosage of fresh air.

With health and beauty gurus like Liz Earle swearing by Nordic Walking's body and mind boosting benefits it's time we gave it a go.

Not only does it help to tone up bingo wings, firm up your behind and get your heart rate up, it's also great for toning legs and working your core.

So we've spoken to expert Nordic Walkers to find out more about how to get involved and find out more about the Nordic Walking trend.

Where does Nordic Walking come from?

Russell Thompson, of Cumulus Outdoor Events says: "Nordic Walking first originated in Scandanavia for Nordic cross country skiers who wanted to continue their fitness training in the summer when the snow had melted."

"By replicating the body action of cross country skiing the skiers were still able to train the same muscular group as well as raising their heart rate for their cardio vascular training."

"As the sport was adapted and developed it was found that you could utilize the poles whilst static to tone muscle groups during a session. In addition you could train with other people in beautiful surroundings and Nordic Walking classes were introduced."

Sounds like the perfect sport to practice in the run up to ski and snowboard season. Start now to impress your mates by the time you hit the slopes.


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