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What is hay fever anyway?
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What is hay fever anyway?

Hay fever is actually called Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis - catchy, don't you think???

John Bramm, sleep expert and Octaspring ambassador says that your snotty nose, itchy eyes and constant sneezing fits are reactions to allergies.

"Hay fever is an allergic reaction caused by your body overreacting to something that it perceives as a threat, and with hay fever this threat is pollen. When your body comes into contact with pollen your immune system starts to respond as if it were being attacked by a virus," he says.

Fortunately it's usually harmless - over 50 million people in the US suffer from some form of hay fever - but that doesn't make it any less irritating.

Depending on what it is you're allergic to, your symptoms can start as early as March with the grass pollen season and as late as September when fungal spores are about.

According to research by Benadryl, 25% of people who suffer with hay fever don't fully understand what it is they're really reacting to. But a simple allergy test, known as a scratch test, can help to understand your allergies so you can be prepared for when your season starts. ?

As well as being aware of the seasons, adapting your lifestyle can also help manage those symptoms.

John says: "Your lifestyle can affect how severe your symptoms of hay fever are so make sure you exercise more, sleep well, eat well, cut down on alcohol and try and lower your stress levels and hopefully you should see a difference!"

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