Fighting depression
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Fighting depression


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It is not just the sufferer that has to cope; depression can affect the friends and family of the depressed person, leading to feelings of helplessness or even despair.

Simon Lawton Smith, Head of Policy at the Mental Health Foundation said: “Some people find it difficult to ask for help. Sadly there’s a stigma attached to it, as with other mental disorders, with people feeling it’s a sign of weakness.

This makes it harder for people to admit that they are depressed, or talk about with friends or family, or their GP. But there are effective treatments for depression and we need to realize how common it is and overcome our reluctance to talk about it.”

Depression continues to affect many people and their loved ones in the UK and around the world. April has already played host to a number of annual awareness events; Depression Alliance’s Depression Awareness Week and the Mental Health Foundation’s Mental Health Action Week both serving to highlight and educate people on mental health.

Talking about depression is the first step on the road to recovery. If you're feeling low, don't be afraid to speak up and seek help.

For further information on the awareness events and the issues surrounding depression, visit the sites below. optimistic


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