Coping with cancer: The emotional fall out
Cancer and dealing with emotions: Anger
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Cancer and dealing with emotions: Anger

Anger is a natural response when life’s plans and hopes are cruelly interrupted by cancer. Often people who are affected by cancer, whether they are suffering or close to someone who is, direct anger to the situation they find themselves in, at the unfairness of it all. Sometimes this can be taken out on those closest to us.

How to deal with it
Macmillan Cancer Support says that ‘feeling angry is to be expected and there’s no reason to feel guilty about it. It may help to talk to someone about it, a relative or old friend or someone who has been through the same experience.’

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Try writing about your feelings. Writing can be a good way to vent your anger and prevent you on taking it out on those around you, writer Lisa Lynch wrote her ‘Alright Tit’ blog when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and found this a therapeutic way of dealing with the disease and the ‘frustrating life altering, sheer bloody pain-in-the-ass inconvenience’ of cancer.

Enough said.

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