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Holistic Health and Cancer – a guide to Complementary Therapy

Breakthroughs in complementary cancer therapies used for the treatment of cancer now provide non-invasive, natural support to traditional cancer therapy.

Cancer Research UK show that 125 of us are still being diagnosed with breast cancer every day and there are many other forms of cancer that also affect women more frequently than you'd imagine. The good news is that the British Medical Journal reports a 35% rise in survival rates.

The treatments provided to cancer sufferers are potentially life saving but it comes at a price: traditional cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause extreme side effects. 

It's no wonder women affected by cancer are looking for natural, gentler ways to help them along their way to be cancer-free. And fortunately many holistic health options exist to support cancer sufferers and survivors

Breakthrough of a Holistic Approach to Health

Aromatherapy, acupuncture and other complementary methods are no replacement for mainstream medicine.

But Dr Peter Mackereth of the award-winning Christie NHS Trust in Manchester - whose patients have included opera singer Russell Watson and Coronation Street actress Sally Whittaker – backs a holistic approach to health.

‘Back in the 80s the British Medical Association were quite dismissive of complementary therapy,' says Doctor Mackereth, ‘They wrote a report in alternative medicine and were very skeptical.'

‘They were challenged by a group of doctors who used these interventions and eventually they came out with a much more open-minded approach - I’ve certainly seen a shift in attitudes.’

Over the next few pages we explore the complementary cancer therapies available and how can they help.

Outlook on Complementary Therapy

Dawn O’Reilly*, a 52-year-old mum-of-two from Stockport, Cheshire, was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic lymphoma after discovering a lump in her neck.

Now she has only a few remaining hospital appointments to go, Dawn * is over the worst of her medical treatment for leukemia and has praised the role of complementary therapy in her recovery.

She said: ‘When you have a disease like cancer, you are reminded of it every waking moment of your life.

‘You need something which you believe in, that will help take your mind off it and I have had that boost from the complementary therapy.’

‘It has helped me enormously.’

It seems the skeptical medical profession have come a long way in their approach to health in the last 20 years.

These therapies may not be the answer to all our health problems, but a holistic approach to well-being certainly gives hope to the thousands of women affected each year by this disease.

By Lucy McGuire

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