Bioenergy Healing review
Trying Bioenergy Healing treatment
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Trying Bioenergy Healing treatment

Michael manipulated blockage points on my skull and neck by applying pressure with his hands, and tapping certain points. 

After this Bioenergy Healing I felt heat rush through my neck and head. He used a stretching technique to 'elongate' my energy - and I felt a warm electrical sensation at my back, intermittent twitching in my fingers and tingles in my legs.

No, I wasn't possessed, I just felt really in tune with my own energy field. Implausible as it sounds, the sensations I felt during Bioenergy Healing were definitely real. At the risk of sounding as gushing as a teenager in love, it was like nothing I'd felt before - something new and exciting.

Yes, I am a sucker for alternative therapies but if my experience was anything to go by this was something that could really make a difference. Something you can actually feel working.

Suddenly I began to overheat, as if I'd opened the door to a particularly hot sauna. Black spots appeared before my eyes and I had to lay down to recover before winding the session down in a nice chair with a some water.

'Feeling faint is a good sign' Michael says, it shows your body is 'realigning and rewiring its energy'. Phew... I was worried for a second there.

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