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Bioenergy Healing - scanning
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Bioenergy Healing - scanning

My Bioenergy Healer, Michael, stepped back and after a series of hand movements, asked me to focus on the sensations in my body.

I felt light headed almost immediately. Heat rushed up the sides of my neck and my cheeks began to tingle. The intense sensations I felt were so surprising, they put any skepticism I may have had firmly to one side.

Bioenergy Healing - scanning

Next came the scary sounding, scanning portion of the session. Rather than medicinal machinery or even a supermarket laser gun, the scanner was Michael himself, whose eyes act as "magnets". Yes really.

They are drawn to areas which have blockages, where energy flow is prohibited. Sounds dodgy, I know, I half expected him to locate blockages in areas men's eyes are normally "drawn too" so I was pleasantly surprised.

Michael's professionalism is absolute. He describes it as performing 'an x-ray on an energy level'. Think frisking without the feeling. 

This Terminator-esque ability to scan my body for blockages was a little hard to comprehend, but Michael says blockages appear to him as iridescent areas.

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