Bioenergy Healing review
Bioenergy Healing treatment review
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Bioenergy Healing treatment review

Ursula's Bioenergy Healing experience:

As soon as I met straight talking, man in black, Michael Cohen for my Bioenergy Healing treatment, I knew that whatever preconceptions I had about energy healing would have to go out the window.

I followed him into a long spacious room, with a seating area at one end. He explained that I was going to have a trial session, whereas usually he would consult patient’s notes beforehand to ascertain their objectives and concerns.
He assured me that the focus of each Bioenergy Healing session is the individual and their energy. This takes the emphasis off treating specific problems or conditions and focuses on treating the patient as a whole.

I was intrigued. 
Standing in the middle of the room with my palms facing upwards, Michael hovered his hands above mine and I could instantly feel the heat and what can only be described as magnetic energy, between our palms.

This enabled him to tap into my "field" and I wondered what would happen next. Actual sparks?

Image © Hemera

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