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Beat the festive blues


© STOCKBYTE / Jupiterimages
© STOCKBYTE / Jupiterimages
Look at what you've achieved!

"You’ve shopped, wrapped up, partied hard, and eaten your body weight in food." Sys Greaves

"After weeks of build-up, once Christmas is over you may feel unsettled, flat, and generally a little disappointed by the whole event.

"Western consumerism has us trapped in to a cycle of wanting more, but this creates a cycle of expectation and disappointment.

"Scientists who study happiness at the University of Wisconsin call this the ‘headonic treadmill."

"The more possessions and accomplishments, the more we need to boost out level of happiness." Says Professor Davidson,

"We constantly look over our shoulders and compare our achievements with our neighbors/friends.

So do focus-on being grateful for what have in life, and what you’ve achieved, rather than what you don’t have."


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