Alcohol depression: How to get over the post boozing blues
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Say no to "hair of the dog"
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Say no to "hair of the dog"

Stick to juice!

It’s easy to figure that, as you already feel out of sorts, you might as well write off the day and head to the pub for a few drinks to mellow out.

But it's a lot better to stick to vitamin-packed juices and hydrating soft drinks. Although the pub can make for a cozy evening, and you'll temporarily feel better after an alcoholic drink or two, it really only prolongs the effect of your hangover.

The sooner alcohol leaves your body completely, the sooner you will start to feel better. Research by Dr. Koob shows that persistent drinking leads to an inability of the brain to restore its dopamine and serotonin stores, leading to an ongoing imbalance.

Furthermore, he says that alcohol triggers the release of stress chemicals that create depression, distress and tension. So far from relieving your misery, "hair of the dog" may just make it worse.

That said, social interaction is better than staying in and moping around, so if your mates are at the pub, join them - and order a Virgin Mary.

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