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The Gorgeous Weddings Of The Laguna Beach Stars

Carla Cain Walther
by Carla Cain Walther Published on October 27, 2014

From crazy, booze-fueled high school parties to babies and married life - check out the weddings of the Laguna Beach stars!

Alex Murrel, aka "Alex M" aka Kristin Cavallari's arch nemesis in Season 2 of Laguna Beach got hitched this weekend to fiance, Kyle Mark Johnson in Malibu, CA.

It's kind of nutty to watch the kids who got wasted, stole each other's boyfriends, and clued the world in on what being ridiculously wealthy was really like are now getting married and making babies.

​Here's our roundup of the glitzy weddings from the Laguna beach stars! Lo Bosworth, we hope you're next!

Alex Murrel

Alex Murrel, Laguna Beach © instagram.com/alexmurrel

Talan Torrerio

Despite dating some high profile stars - Nicole Scherzinger and Rod Stewart's daughter, Kimberly Stewart - Talan settled down with his stunning girlfriend, Danielle, this past June. After flirting with acting in shitty B-list movies, Talan is now the Creative Producer at media company, TMG International.

Talan Torrerio, Twitter © twitter.com/TalanTorriero

Morgan Smith

After getting rejected from her #1 school, BYU, Morgan Smith reapplied the next year and graduated in 2008. She's come a long way since her stint on Laguna Beach. She's now the Digital Marketing Project Manager at Bugaboo and married her husband, Joel Smith in 2010. The two had a baby in 2014. In case you want to keep up with her, she documents her wanderlust on her beyond cute lifestyle blog, Smith, Here!

Morgan Smith, Laguna Beach © jill thomas photography

Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari is the girl everyone loved to hate and kinda wanted to be when she appeared on Laguna Beach and The Hills. It's pretty much been confirmed that her beef with half her castmates was totally fabricated though. Over the past several years, she's shed her bad girl image. She's a mother to two boys, a fashion designer, and occasional TV host. She married Denver Broncos quarterback, Jay Cutler, last summer in Nashville, Tennesee!

Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler © People Magazine

Jason Wahler

Jason Wahler got himself into one two many love triangles on the show. He did Lauren Conrad dirty and treated many of his other girlfriends on the show like crap. Little did we know, Jason was dealing with a drug addiction that came to light after he left Laguna Beach. After a series of arrests and suicide attempt, he went on Celebrity Rehab in 2010 to detox. He married his serious girlfriend, Ashley Slack, in 2013 and had an undeniably beautiful wedding.

Jason Wahler, Laguna Beach © sunandsparrow.com

Christina Schuller

Christina Schuller was the sugary-sweet reverend's daughter whose best friend on the show was Morgan Smith. Schuller graduated from the University of Southern California. Although she initially wanted to be singer/actress on the show, she ultimately applied her smarts to a career in fitness and nutrition. She runs Beach Babe Fitness and married her husband, Chad, in 2011 and has a son with him.

Christina Schuller, Laguna Beach © caratsandcake.com/christinaandchad

Jessica Evans

Oh, Jessica. Naive, too trusting, surprisingly bad Jessica. She was BFFs with Kristin on Laguna Beach but has confessed in interviews that the two aren't close anymore. Jessica was arrested for DUI in 2007 but has since cleaned up her act. She married her hubby, Michael Evans, in 2009 and has three kids!

Jessica Evans, Laguna Beach © Pinterest

Jen Bunney

Jen Bunney, was a minor character on Laguna Beach before getting a larger story line on The Hills. Sadly, she lost her childhood friendship with LC before the series ended, but has remained close friends with Heidi Montag. She married her husband, Taylor Dunphy, this past summer.

Jen Bunney, Laguna Beach © instagram.com/jenniferbunney

Lauren Conrad

Of course, the beautiful, stunning, can't be stopped Lauren Conrad has to be on this list! Sticking to her whimsy ideal, LC wed Something Corporate drummer and lawyer, William Tell, this summer in a wedding straight outta Pinterest. We've all followed Lauren's rise from reality star to hardworking CEO and I think we all shed a little tear when her dream wedding came true!

Lauren Conrad, Laguna Beach, The Hills © Popsugar

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