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How to arrange a wedding table plan


 - How to arrange a wedding table plan
As many as 20% of your guests may not be able to attend, so there's no point in drawing up your table plan too far in advance, before you've got your RSVPs back! 15 days before the big day you'll know for sure who's coming. 

Sketch the layout of your reception/dining room. Ideally, 8 per table is a good number (and round tables make for easier discussion!). The top table is usually twice that size and placed strategically in the center or at the head of the other tables. 

Get a helping hand with your planning if you need it. You could always get your parents and future in-laws involved (in which case, it could take a while...).

- Full seating plan. Every guest is assigned a place and name cards are set out. Choose this option if you want to mix up your guests and bring people you think will get on well together. Pin the plan on a board at the door so that everyone knows where to go. 

- Table plan only. Guests are assigned to a table with names marked on a board at the door, but they can choose their places arounnd the table. This is handy if you have hundreds of guests and don't want to have to spend days on seating combinations yourself. The only drawback is that people who already know each other may go into groups and some guests may feel a bit left out. 

- Informal dessert. After a seated and served starter and main, guests are free to roam, mingle or change places once you get to the dessert, cake and coffee stage.  

If you want to, give each table a name that fits the wedding theme, if you have one (Ed: As long as it's not Star Wars!). Or you could choose a theme that means something to both of you, from foreign cities you've visited to 'special' song titles, film stars, sports and anything you're passionate about! I once went to a wedding where each table was named after a member of the England rugby team... 



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