Talk about the post-wedding blues with your husband


Explain how you feel: Your new husband is obviously going to be a bit concerned that his dazzling new bride has taken to slumming around on the sofa in a tracksuit going through boxes of Kleenex. Explain how you feel and ask him how he feels now the wedding is over.   

Make plans together. Plan something to look forward to, however small, to ease you back to reality. From planning your next holiday to moving house, having a day out together or just buying a new sofa, every little helps!

 Relax. Now the ceremony is over, it's time for quiet time alone with each other. You haven't got to panic about caterers, DJs or bridesmaids any more, so relax and enjoy having more time on your hands.  

Enjoy each other. For months all you've talked about is wedding, wedding, wedding. Don't get so lost in the details that you forget what the day is about: your love for each other. Enjoy seducing each other again, set time aside for intimacy, try out new positions...and tell each other you love each other! 

Take your time. "Don't rush into having a baby straight away if you're not ready for it," says Sophie Cadalen. "Get used to married life first. Starting a family is a huge step and babies should be brought into a calm, stable environment."


Sarah Horrocks
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