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With diamonds, does bigger equal better?


 - With diamonds, does bigger equal better?
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“I think people often think about size,” says Straughton, “but actually clarity is what will make your diamond sparkle.” And, really, isn’t it all about the sparkle?

“The better the color, the better the sparkle,” adds Gary Ingram, a spokesman for “Those things kind of go hand in hand.” (A general rule when it comes to color: the clearer - or whiter - the diamond, the better.)

So why the preoccupation with the size of the rock? “That’s just a human nature question, isn’t it?” Straughton says with a laugh. “The larger the diamond, the more they think the boyfriend has spent on it, which isn’t necessarily the case.”

“Some guys will ring up and say she wants a really big ring,” says Ingram. “Those people will go for the biggest ring they can buy.” But for most people, Ingram and Straughton recommend not worrying so much about the size.


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