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Trying to work out the seating plan can be enough to send you over the edge. Is it right to sit Auntie Marjorie next to your heavy metal-loving cousin Pete? Will Steve and Sarah end up snogging or screaming?

To help you in your seating quandary, Top Table Planner (toptableplanner.com) is a cheap (£5 for six months) and easy piece of software that lets you create your own seating plan and sit like-minded folk together.

All too often the seating plan is left to the last minute when it is actually quite an important foundation for the rest of the evening.

If you put the right people together, cue group dancing and lots of fun; if you pair up the wrong folk, expect things to be a little more somber. Either way log on to toptableplanner.com and start putting bums on seats asap.

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