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Money as a source of conflict in relationships
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Money as a source of conflict in relationships

"We both had well paid jobs but under the pretext that she earned more than me, she squandered our money - the money that we'd both put into a joint account  - on nights out and things for herself.

But when it came to treating the two of us to something, a weekend away for example, that was asking too much! One argument followed another and money got the better of us."
Alan, 36, estate agent

How should couples manage money?

'The number of possible options for couples is astonishing. For some couples, a joint account is perfect and it requires minimal effort. More generally, a joint account  plus an account for each partner, for personal expenses, seems a logical option.'

'But in some cases, whatever option is chosen, whether it be the most equal (whereby the difference in income is taken into account, for example), money can still become a source of conflict.'

'In this case, there's something else going on. There's a hidden power struggle, a real clash of territories. The real issue is no longer how the money is managed. In fact, that's just a reason to start an argument around the issue: "I'll do as I please, don't you get involved". So really, it's a problem that has nothing to do with money at all...'

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