What makes a man cheat?
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Women never cheat... yeah, right!


© Westend61/Rex
© Westend61/Rex

Obviously nobody would attempt to claim that women never cheat, but the stats do suggest that men are the more likely candidates to play away from home.

Top divorce lawyer Marilyn Stowe has seen more than a few marriages hit the rocks over a man’s indiscretions. 

She believes a lot comes down to the differing way men and women regard sex, arguing that, ‘it appears to be easier for men to have sex without emotional attachment, while women probably realize what they have to lose.’

Dating expert Rochelle Peachey agrees that men are more likely to go looking for a quick-fix if things are a bit rocky, relationship-wise. ‘Men will look outside immediately for whatever they are not getting at home,’ she says.

‘Women will be more patient and concerned with trying to fix things.’


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