What makes a man cheat?
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Celebrities don't live in the real world!


Ashley and Cheryl Cole ©Rotello / Rex Features/REX/SIPA
Ashley and Cheryl Cole ©Rotello / Rex Features/REX/SIPA
First of all, it should probably be pointed out that if the conduct of Premier League footballers were the barometer of male behavior in general, the human race would be in dire straits indeed.

As relationship expert Diana Parkinson points out, “young footballers are paid huge sums of money and move in a rarified atmosphere far removed from reality.

They are easily lured by all the attention that goes with the territory of big money, and the fallout inevitably follows in the press.”

That said, whilst expecting Ashley Cole to understand the concept of morality might be akin to asking a Labrador to explain quantum physics, statistics show that he might be more representative of male behavior than many of us would care to admit.


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