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What makes a man cheat?

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Love rats: John Terry and Ashley Cole © Rex/SIPA - What makes a man cheat?
Love rats: John Terry and Ashley Cole © Rex/SIPA
Staying faithful to your other half? Sooooo 2009 darling...Unless you’ve somehow managed to avoid the gleefully booming moral outrage of the tabloid press, you’ll know that 2010 has so far been the year of the cheat!

What with John Terry, Ashley Cole and Vernon Kay all doing the dirty on their respective wives, and a seemingly endless line of cocktail waitresses rendering Tiger Woods’ sleeping apparatus more notch than bedpost, male infidelity has never been more in vogue!

So why are so many men incapable of keeping it in their pants?

And if having Cheryl Cole in the marital bed isn’t enough to keep a chap on the straight and narrow, is there any hope at all for the fairer sex?

We canvassed a range of relationship experts in order to find out once and for all, what makes men cheat?


George Wales
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