The cult of the male sex symbol
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Your views

Emily, 28, fashion director   
"When I see naked guys in ads it makes me smile, especially when thety don’t exactly need to take their kit off for the product that’s being advertised. Now I suppose men understand how women feel, so in that respect men and women are finally equal. It makes me smile, but it wouldn’t necessarily make me buy the product. At least it leaves an lasting impression, though!"             

Becka, 27, solicitor  
"Yeah, I’m all for seeing more hunks! Staying in shape is just as important for men as it is for women, and it’s wrong that society expects more of women when it comes to having perfect bodies. There’s nothing wrong with a pedicure or epilation on the back, but personally I think beauty treatments can get a bit OTT, so guys shouldn’t go too far. They should still be masculine."        

Annie, 32, journalist  
"I think it’s crazy that we put images of men in adverts to sell things. Women used to be treated as objects and now we’re doing the same thing to men. At first I thought: OK, revenge time…but actually I think it’s stupid to put men through what women had to go through, being treated as sex objects. It makes you have complexes about yourself, looking at skinny models with ‘perfect’ bodies. And it’s exactly the same for men as it is for women: the models on TV and in magazines just aren’t natural." 


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