50 First Dates: 10 men share their first date dilemmas

first time: Men tell us what it was like for them


Nick, 28. Lives in Essex, works in radio.

I found the woman of my dreams

I've never really been on a first date but I am about to get married to my girlfriend of almost 10 years. I met Jem at college and spent about a year trying to convince her to dump the current useless boyfriend for a handsome, talented boy instead (me).

All attempts failed and I was convinced it was never going to happen and I'd never 'get the girl' (horrible phrase, sorry). That was until a Tuesday night at our local comedy club. My improvisational musical comedy band (as terrible as it sounds) were playing Jem and a few mates came to watch. After our set I got a tap on the shoulder.

I turned around to see Jem, who promptly kissed me and then turned around to walk away. I wasn't settling for one kiss after a year of liking her so caught her hand and pulled her back for a proper kiss. And that was it!

As close to a first date, or any date that I ever got.
Tip: We'll keep trying if we like you enough.

Ade, 29. Freelance press officer from London.

I picked a inapproriate location

So I’d met a guy online. One thing we had in common was a love of food and nice restaurants.

I was quite keen to meet this guy, so I had the great idea that we’d go to a nice restaurant for a meal. A sensible person would have picked a nice gastropub somewhere – but in my infinite wisdom I picked the Wolseley.

After the date I never heard from the guy again. To this day whenever I tell my mates I’m going on a date I’m given strict instructions not to book the Wolseley, I’ll never live it down.
Tip: Don't expect bells and whistles on the first date!

Ben, 23. Online PR executive living in Sussex.

Was I a werido?

My first date was in a Starbucks. Being a blind date, we were both nervous but I was assured by my date that as long as a I “wasn’t a weirdo”, it’d be fine.

Being the witty scamp I am, I wore a hoody with the word “Weirdo” across the front to the date, during which I suffered a yet-to-be-repeated nervous tick of a constant shrugging of my shoulders.

Maybe I was a weirdo after all! We actually ended up going out for a bit despite all that, so I can't have been all bad.
Tip: Do forgive our nervous foibles!


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