How to keep a man interested
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How to keep a man interested
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How to keep a man interested

The Bedroom

Keeping a man interested in the bedroom is remarkably simple, but requires strength and confidence.

Whilst classically it’s the mans role to take charge in the bedroom, when you take control it lets him know that you're still turned on by him.

No matter how much he likes the sexual routine you have, if you’re not occasionally being the aggressor, how does he know you’re not bored?

Tobi says: "I once had a girlfriend who I was crazy about, but after a year things in the bedroom got a little repetitive. I always seemed to be in total control and that annoyed me.  In retrospect, it wasn’t so much that what happened in the bedroom wasn’t enough for me, but that she didn’t seemed fussed about what happened. It made me feel inadequate. Surely if she was really into me she’d be jumping all over me?"

So try something new. Ask him to do something that you want, or do something you think he’ll like. Just don’t get overly 'comfortable' - no one wants their sex life described like that!

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